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wtorek, 23 lutego 2010


Dostałam przepis na pastę z makreli od Kasi Sza i musiałam koniecznie wypróbować, bo zachwalała, że jest pycha. Uwierzyłam i się opłacało ;) Dziś robię znowu na kolację.


  • dorodna, tłusta makrela
  • 4 łyżki gęstej śmietany
  • sok z cytryny
  • natka z pietruszki
  • sól
  • świeżo zmielony pieprz

Makrelę obieramy i mieszamy z pozostłymi składnikami.

Szybko, prawda? ;)

9 komentarzy:

  1. btw
    Have you ever eating marijuhana?
    It can really turn your mind.

  2. What do you suggest? Should I cook something with it? ;)

  3. Hahahaha,,,It depends on what you mean.
    I think you might have a talent that I don't have :)
    That stuff will really set your mind turning.
    I haven't done it for many years.
    Have you ever eaten banana split?
    But of course you don't need the Americans to cook -- you managed until 1500 without the Americans after all lol -- until America was discovered I mean.
    But enough about me.


  4. I might have... but my talent can appear only in Czech Republic or hmm.. Tijuana?
    And under two conditions... if you give me the proof that you are not a policeman and bring the ingredients ;) (to one of above-mentioned places of course;)

    PS. "A" means who?

  5. Banana split? You mean baked or fried banana with chocolade and whipped cream?
    It is not one of my favorite. But OK.

  6. Fancy a chat? Playing on the computer, and meanwhile cooking lol ,,, well I'm not policeman ,,, so you'll have to search more if you're determined to have a proof.
    Pick out the right ingredients, create anticipation and we will wait ,,, hmm ;)
    If we talk about Tijuana i like very much "Clandestino" in fact more than "Me gustas tu" lol!
    Banana Split? -- only genuine, natural banana --allowed variations with tastes of ice-cream.
    Of course I respect another person's tastes :)

    "A" means Adam
    the first letter of the alphabet.

  7. Me gusta "Tijuana" of course ;) but the most
    "Luna Y Sol" ..esperando la ultima ola..
    hmmm...I really don't know why 8-]

    How did you get here? ;)

  8. Ye,,,ah! -- love surf -- exceptionally when the wall of water is huge as ,,,
    can’t find the appropriate word lol.
    You mean -- how did I encounter your blog?
    It wasn't complicated – seems like ‘computer ppl’ sometimes give us what we really need.
    I think that we are suitable ;)
    I know you like ‘Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously’ by Julie Powell
    I like very much ‘The Year of Living Dangerously’ by Peter Weir
    with the small difference you are reading the book -- I am watching the movie ,,, lol.

    I will bet that you about polish size 36 only in the summer sometimes wear shoes 37 ;)
    Oh u have a bf ,,, I see.... I'll have to be very well behaved then :)

    Okay thanks for everything Thumbelina.
    Take care of yourself.


  9. You are right, sometimes I am wearing shoes in the summer lol ;))

    Good luck and...hight tides :)


    PS. One of my favorite sentences: If you don't know how to behave, behave decently ;)


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